Here's the beef on your pet's teeth!

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Why is dental care important for my pet?
Just like us, our pets need routine dental cleaning and care. Clean teeth are important to your pet’s health for many reasons. Tartar buildup can lead to gingivitis which is an inflammation of the gums. Over time the teeth begin to deteriorate, and eventually the root structure will also break down. Not only does this make it challenging for your pet to eat, but it can also be painful. The bacteria which build up in the mouth begin to gain access to the bloodstream. When dental disease progresses to this state, internal organs such as the kidneys, liver and heart can become affected. In short, your pet’s dental health can affect the overall health of the entire body and its functions.

Signs that your pet needs dental attention:
Bad breath may be the first and most noticeable sign that your pet needs oral care. You may also notice your pet is eating slower, has more difficulty chewing, or is dropping food out of his or her mouth. Severity of dental disease can vary, and all pets do not respond to pain in the same way. Often cats and dogs can be experiencing pain, but are skilled at hiding it. When you bring your pet in for a yearly wellness exam, our veterinarians will examine your pet’s teeth carefully, and let you know what dental care is needed. If you feel your pet is already having problems, or is in pain, please give us a call.